Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Welcome to the hood!

So anyway, we were burgled! (spelling anyone??) Remember our NEW place that we've been in for a month?

The sequence of events as retold to the police:
  • Got home from church (nogal) on Sunday and our garden gate was open. (*caz and the band are puzzled*)

  • The dogs are inside (*puzzled some more*)

  • My jewelry is all out of my jewelry box (*growing confused*)

  • The band's laptop is gone (*bugger it! A BURGLARY*)

  • There is a frikken AXE lying on my dressing table (*lovely!!!*)

  • I notice that my gran's earrings and some other sentimental jewelry is missing (*caz decides to not completely freak out... deep breaths deep breaths!*)

  • The band's watch is gone (*well that sucks*)

  • And then I see it... The VOID.... the VACUUM which was once filled by something vital in my life.... THOSE PSYCHOS have stolen my GHD!!!!!!! What kind of a SICK WORLD are we living???


lotus07 said...

There are only two way to feel really violated in this world. One it to be raped (no personal experience here, but I have to assume it is similar) and to be burglarized....since someone has stolen your sense of security and not just your possessions.

(here in the states, almost all burglaries are drug related. the thieves are stealing things to sell for drug money.)

Blue Sunflower said...

Hi Caz

I can just imagine how you must feel. We were robbed a few weeks ago and not only do you feel violated but when you think of the audacity of these people it makes me very mad.

So sorry to hear about your gran. She seemed like a wonderful person. May she be at peace.


expensivemistakescheapthrills said...

ohhh dude.

that really sucks. so so sorry for your losses.

shame man.

Caz said...

Thanks guys.
I had a fairly good sense of humour about the whole thing til i got home last night and was scared to go in alone :(

Lotus: absolutely! These guys probably had a good laugh when they looked through my jewelry box though!

Blue: Thanks lady, I appreciate that.

EXMI: Yup :(

Tamara said...

They took your ghd? It must've been a bunch of desperate housewives with an axe.

That's insane. Glad you're both ok though.

I've tagged you. So you know ;-)

Being Brazen said...

Aww, man that sucks - so sorry to hear that :) Hope your insuarnce allows you to replace with better stuff.

They stole your GHD - thats just wrong, but they do seem to have taste.

Ruby said...

my goodness...they stole your GHD????

redframe said...

sorry to laugh at your loss, but i just burst out at the ghd... that's just insane. how's your hair handling it?

Caz said...

BB, Ruby and Redframe. I KNOW!! it's just wrong. My hair is CRAZY... more scary than the threat of crime is the fear of my reflection minus my beloved!!