Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm in shape... pear is a shape!

Hallo the people of blogland...

You may remember my new years resolutions (click here for the post) well here are some updates.....

The running is going okish - 15km on saturday which was great, but then I nearly died on a 5km this morning, so who knows.

My article is now online on altvoices.org. Click here to read it... (it is the South African one)

well..... I planted sweet peas! (hey, it's something!!)

OOH ALET: where are yoo??
BATCHFOO the suspense is killing me... come on!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i cant tell!!

Edyta said...

You are my hero for keeping at least some new year's resolutions :D i dont make 'em. i know that i am too lazy to change :D
hope you're fine & smiling :)

Caz said...

BATCHFOO - you are a cruel cruel woman! :)

EDYTA - I think it is the 1st time i've made them... DEFINITELY the first time i've kept them!! :)And really it probably has more to do with my mid-twenties crisis than anything else!!

Caz said...

TAM - something is not up with your blog... saying it is only open to invited readers??

Anonymous said...

Caz...a comment from a boy (rare and indeed precious - make sure you properly savour the moment). Your article was fab - I also looked around the site and found some other ace write-ups (obviously none NEARLY as good as yours). See u later. Paul H

Caz said...

He he Thanks paulus. appreciate you going and reading. Ya the site is an excellent idea - hope it lasts - needs support!