Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The heat is on (gotta love those 80's tunez)

What to do for Valentine's Day?? WHAT TO DO???

So the pressure is ferocious - like a fat kid on a muchachos chicken burger.

The band completely exceeded all expectations this weekend.... I tried for daaaaayz to get it out of him what he had planned and he juuuuuuuuust about got my hopes down. I reeeeally wanted to go away for the weekend, but by the time the weekend came I was pretty much resigned to the fact that no going away would there be.

WRONG!!! When i got in on Friday I was told to pack.... and off we went. The Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town was the venue.... sooooo larny for plebs like us (they wear top hats and stuff).

It was awesome!! I won't give you aaaaaaall the details, but it was a special weekend and I don't think i'd have changed a thing.

I lie. I would have worn more comfortable (and less amazingly gorgeous) shoes out to dinner as we took a romantic stroll to the restaurant...... by the time we were near there was no strolling and no classiness... shmoo piggy backed me the last little way! It was that bad! Blisters the size of Nantucket (it just sounds apt, ok!). Oh the pain. But the meal was delicious and so was the rest of the evening!

Anyway, back to the dilemma, how do i match a frikken weekend at a shmancy hotel?? (especially now that we are broke).

I dont really want to go to a restaurant. Something else... even at home. But what? He is big on personal touches and effort but i am low on creativity.

Mullet you will be pleased to know that athlete caz fell off the band wagon a little as a result of the romantical weekend innie kaap. (WOULD YOU HAVE LEFT THAT FOR A RUN?? IN DOWN TOWN CT NO LESS? I THINK NOT!) But I did go again this morning so I am now clinging onto the wagon with all my strength!

So if you're reading this I'm guessing you also don't have much work right at this moment. Go visit www.blessthischick.com You can make your own little mini-me for free...

This is me.... I went a little Zulu with the sparkle thing. And I'm not quite thaaaaaaaat blonde. The joy of artistic license.

K bye... don't forget to send me some more ideas!
(tick tick tick)


Cher said...

I'd just like to say that you don't necessarily need to be a fat kid to get all ferocious with a mochachos burger!

Caz said...

he he he
ya... point taken.... I've seen those burgers get the better of the band plenty often... he even got a free one on his loyalty card. sad but true
don't make me post my KFC pro vegetarianism pic again!)

Marie Ms.chief said...

hahaha... i went crazy with the blessthischick site. i morphed myself into a scandinavian redhead with a BAD eye for fashion and colour. sweet!

btw, the "brazilian" that i got was also a hollywood! one of the best mistakes i ever did, and i will NEVER go back to my bushy hippie chick era. hehehe. =D