Friday, April 09, 2010



I started to write a summary of what's been going on in SA and a brief history of Malema's craziness but it was making me too tense and so I am giving up on it.

Here is the latest: the video in which he resorts (as usual) to inane racism, the victim this time is a BBC journalist. Oh the shame. Every journalist should have stood and left in solidarity with him.

Please be praying for this country, with all that is going on we are in the most delicate place we've been in for 16 years.


Tamara said...

Good idea, Caz. Stepping up our prayers for SA is definitely a necessity right now with tensions so high.

Anonymous said...

I saw the 'episode' on the news - i felt so ashamed and at the same time so angry that nothing is being done about him! The prayer is a good idea - maybe everytime we think about him/the situation, we can pray for him ... Eish. Its difficult but we are told to pray for our enemies. Have a good week! Caio! Lisa. :)