Monday, March 08, 2010

A successful peptalk

The heat. The infernal heat. Generally I can't bear grumpy people. But if there is one thing that makes me grumpy it is this endless heatwave we're having. Temperatures in the 40s. THE FORTIES! Today is meant to be 43 in the winelands. Apparently if you're pregnant you're about 2 degrees hotter! The sad thing is that on weekends it actually occurs to me that I'd rather be at work with aircon than at home without. That is how bad it is. (To all readers in Europe freezing your bums off, I KNOW! But extremity is bad either way!) I showered I think 4 times (sorry planet!) and also showered the two dogs and even a VERY compliant Guv - he let me soak him and was quite grateful!!

Anyway, The Band and I were plonked on the bed yesterday afternoon with two fans going and I decided to give The Kernel a pep talk. It went something along these lines:
"Why do you refuse to kick me? Seriously... just about anyone else would take that opportunity if it was offered to them!"
About ten minutes later, voila! She kicks! And a while after that again.



Shayne said...

Sounds like she knows exactly who is boss!

Yay xx

Tamara said...

Yay for the kicking kernel!

The onyl way to keep cool in heat like that is a water spray bottle. Mist yourself every few minutes and let evaporation do its work (learned this on TSC's farm in Namibia where you can get sunburned at 7am).

Simply-Mel said...

HOORAY!!! Sounds like you have a delightfully compliant little one already.

Am so pleased for you.


cassey said...

Woo hoo.


Mel from BB said...

I haven't read your blog forever and now I see you preggers, how absolutely wonderful!
Stoked for you and your man.
My sister called every doc visit or scan 'live baby checks'... the black humour which serves us well.
Hope you don't melt, I am a lizard and love the heat, even this heat!
When is Sophia's baby sister due?

Caz said...

Mel (from BB) I have a big bag of clothes for you so I'd love to pop in sometime and catch up with you ladies. I will be induced at 36 weeks - about 9 July.
Planning on going on maternity leave about a month earlier and taking it very easy so perhaps I should come then?


B said...

i'm so relieved and pleased :)
bet you feel much better now!

po said...


Anonymous said...


hopefully this takes away some of your stresses!

come on princess, less than 18 weeks now and you get to meet your mummy and daddy!

angel said...

Aaaawwww... she listens to her mommy!

Charmaine T said...

Jippie!!!!! So glad she kicked.... May she is also getting hot in her little tub???

So glad that everything is fine with both Mommy and Kernel!!!!