Tuesday, March 02, 2010

17.5 weeks and all is well

I can't say I got much sleep on Sunday night. I had weird nightmares galore... snakes, chinese babies with terminal cancer and, of course, the ubiquitous spiders all haunted my sleep.

By the time I got up I felt ill. Didn't want to eat. Scale was still down. eesh.

Luckily Best Mate was with me and somehow we got to the doctor's by which time I was a bit of a useless wreck with a heartbeat rivalling the baby's for speed!

Yes... the baby's. There is a heartbeat. Worst fear did not come true. Baby is alive and well and even waved at me:

She is now about 13cm long and everything is looking just as it should.

Big relief to say the least. I don't know how I manage to work myself up so much every time. I have now stopped enquiring about people's pregnancies, I avoid reading pregnancy websites and I stay far away from pregnancy mags because reading "I felt the first wonderful flutters at 13 weeks" when I'm close on 18 with no flutters at all does not help me. Fear is a nasty thing to have following you around!

Truth be told I am having the "dream pregnancy" in terms of the physical side. No nausea, no headaches, no sore boobs, no heartburn, barely showing. All the things that most preggers women would envy. But emotionally? Emotionally this is the most exhausting thing I've ever been thru... and I'm only half way!


Anonymous said...

yay good news :)

I can't imagine how emotionally taxing it is, but you'll get through it day by day, hope the nightmares stop.

Caz said...

thanks :)
ya... the worst nightmare i had during the last pregnancy was of my baby holding a cigarette! I was such an amateur nightmareperson!

cassey said...

Yay for things being all good :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything is well with the baby!

Anonymous said...

I am glad all is well

I think my wife only felt Sam and Abigail move after 20 weeks if that helps.

Love to you

B said...

i'm so pleased and relieved for you that all is well :)

great pic!

Shayne said...


Love the pic - makes me all goose bumpy.

I think you need to stop being so hard on yourself.


angel said...

Oh I am SO glad for you that your little princess is fine!

Bruce said...

Alas, most women that I know that have a problem with being pregnant, over think things to much

phillygirl said...

Aw, what a picture perfect shot of the kernel! I doubt you get a better pose for a scan pic. You should already be so proud ;)

Caz said...

LITR - thanks that does help.

Thanks everyone :)

Tamara said...

So glad it all turned out fine! Philly is right - picture book photo of the Kernel.