Friday, March 12, 2010


I haven't been blogging much coz work has been keeping me crazily busy - between planning for Earth Hour and trying (with success - woohoo) to stop the mining in the winelands it has been manic.

I don't have too much news. Last weekend The Band and I went shopping for a carpet for the nursery at Mat's Carpets - meh he he.

The carpet arrived on Tuesday and it is gorgeous. We splashed out and got a really soft one - the only carpet in the whole house (the rest being wooden and washed stone/cement?). It is soooo soft. The Band and I lie on it frequently - SO NICE. It transforms the room completely. The Band has also moved the furniture back in so it is starting to look gorgeous. Pics soon, but still a bit to be done!

The Parental Units arrived last night. My dad is cycling the Argus on Sunday.

As for movement... I have maybe felt teeeeeeeeeeeeensy movements every other day but they are SO small. Hoping they get much bigger soon! And that's about it.


Cam said...

Caz, that you?

When last did you comment on ParkLife? :D

How's the kernel?

livingintherainbow said...

Very rarely will I wish for a pregnant woman to get a huge kick in the stomach but this time I'll make an exception. Go on Kernel - you can do it. Hehe

One step at a time

Shayne said...

Yay to soft snuggly carpets.

And to decorating her room.

Good for the soul me thinks.

Kristen said...

I love decorating nurseries... and I love love love new carpet! Have a fabulous weekend!

Leebeesa said...

I just wanted to say congradulations on your little girl who is coming into this World I am following you on Twitter again and I was delighted to see that Sophia Grace will be having a sister. Both her and Sophia will be in my prayers.

Caz said...

thanks guys

Cam - back @ u but I'm on my way.. :)

Getting Legless with Lorna said...

hey caz
im new to your blog...
awesome by the way;)
just an arb question but did u ever know a lady by the name of Mrs Felton?
If so,this is weird

Caz said...

Welcome GLWL!

Yep - Carol Felton from Clarendon?
where u a pupil there?

Getting Legless with Lorna said...

I knew it!!!!!
Yes,indeed! I was one of those wretched Std 6's who you guys threw eggs at.I remember you quite distinctly as you one of those prefects I simply took a liking to.
wow.what a small world!
I am so happy to see how far you've come.Congrats,I find it utterly amazing.

Caz said...

Crikey - and I even have a spelling mistake in my comment above. don't tell Felton!

Listen I deny ALL KNOWLEDGE of eggs being thrown at std 6s. hehe that sounds HORRIBLE! did we seriously do that? haha.

Catching up on your blog now and BACK AT YOU! Crikey chick, you've been through much and reading your story and your attitude is humbling and inspiring me!

(but let me save my thoughts for your blog)

ExMi said...

awww.....cant wait to see nursery pics.

and hope you get a kick out of that baby soon :)

my heart is very full reading about all your new love and hope.

proud of how strong you are. even though you have to be.

you know what i mean xx

Caz said...

Thanks lady

Yup i know EXACTLY what you mean x

angel said...

Can't wait to see nursery photos...
I'm sure that very soon you're going to be feeling so much movement from the princess that you're going to wonder how many are in there!

Danny, Julie, Jack and Mari said...

Can't wait to see pictures, Momma!

k@lakly said...

Can't wait for the pix, the carpet sounds dreamy. I need something like that for Cason's room. poor kid has dirty knees form crawling on his wood floor. I suppose tho, if he would WALK the whole issue could be resloved without having to part with any $$.
Glad to hear you are feeling the kicks. Hope they stay strong and steady and can offer you lots of comfort in the coming months.