Friday, November 13, 2009

Why I haven't been writing

coz I don't have much to say.

Life is just moving along. Work is really busy - focusing on our new Vote Earth campaign... listen out for the radio ads, my voice features.

Still going strong with Goal 1 and am now 5kgs down.

Goal 2 is tougher, the life coach has given me a values survey to fill in, the theory being that you are more likely to achieve the goals that support your values.

Finally had a bit of progress with The Band yesterday when he muttered something mildly bitter about someone with kids. I think I actually said "FINALLY!" Crikey... it's a relief to see some kind of self pity there because I am frikken swimming in it!!


Simply-Mel said...

:-) Dont read my blog today cos it may make you HATE me.... or maybe not.


Hels said...

Another kg down!!!!! You are AMAZING!!! I’m trying to contain my bitterness & guilt and only feel overwhelming happiness for you! jokes ;-)

Seriously Caz, you are a machine! Just don't get too carried away with this cause soon we won't be able to see you standing sideways!

Anonymous said...

Well done on your goals girl - maybe I should get myself some of those...

I think it is tough when you both cope with things in different ways. Men and Women are different and I have to admit as a bloke that lasses tend to be better with emotions than we are. Still if you can find room to be different but still valid that does help.

take care

Tamara said...

It must be good to know the Band is human too.

Well done on all your progress with your goals.

I voted. But I can't get the widget for the badge to work on my blog :-(

Kristen said...

great job on the goals! Weight is a tough goal that's for sure. Getting the motivation to lose the weight, and then actually starting & keeping the motivation... well lets just say that's something that I haven't accomplished yet! Good for you!

S. said...

you sound like you are doing well and that is great to know. your updates are nice, no matter how often.

Bruce said...

Patience....guys are slow when it comes to this. It is wholly uncharted ground for most of us.