Friday, November 06, 2009

Goal update:2

Goal 1: Get in shape
Progress: Have now lost 4kgs. Yay. Really enjoying the eating plan still, especially now that the SIL has taught me how to cook all kinds of vegetarian curries etc. Also loving the variety of exercise I've been doing: spinning, abs classes, powerplate classes, hikes, etc.
Next steps: Keep it up!

Goal 2: New venture
Progress: Have appointed a life coach who specialises in helping entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Perfect no? Even more perfect: he happens to be my brother. Have also, somewhat cheekily, already grabbed at an opportunity to feature the business in a publication that is coming out for tourists attending the world cup. How's that for bold? Have also acquired some contacts in terms of setting up a CC etc.
Next steps: Meet up with the brains trust to determine (official) first steps.


Simply-Mel said...

*mexican wave* in your honour of course!

Jislaaik, no-one can say you are a procrastinator girl!

po said...

Good for you, you goal squisher!

Mel said...

Haven't been here for a while, congrats on the weight loss!
Why don't you start a separate new blog, a good rant and rave place.
I am getting a new one next year. I have put it off for fear of losing my daily following but some I want to lose anyway. Church stuff, blech!
I heard you spoke to Tracey about our 'babies born sleeping' project and what a difference she could make because of your little girl. We are still developing it and getting more people on board but its an improvement of how we handled or didn't in the past.
I have a friend who runs Thembacare Grabouw who could advise you on Lily. She is an angel and runs the palliative care unit there. Also Village of Hope. Go check on

Tamara said...

Well done, you!

Setting up a CC is actually really easy. It's the getting it to make money that's a bit tougher ;-) I hope the Brains Trust gives you all the answers you're looking for.