Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy birthday to meeeee

So anyway, thanks again to all the wonderful citizens of blogville who somehow amazingly remembered my birthday. I suck with birthdays (would probably 4get my mom's if it wasn't the same as mine), so I'm not quite sure how you did it... i wasn't THAT blatant was i?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

Ok so on my birthday eve I dutifully baked a choc cake and a lemon meringue for tea at work the next day. I am a founding member of CLASS (cake lovers appreciation society) at work so I could hardly NOT bake. The thing is I don't actually have a proper oven so I spent the evening running back and forth to my neighbours. Chaos and a huge mission. Was a horrible night with burnt cake, a fight with the shmoo and me falling in a ditch in the garden on our way out. I sat there in the mud after 3 hours of baking and shower and I started to cry. I really never will make a very convincing house wife. The band was at a complete loss. Sure my knee was spouting blood like I'd hit an artery, but that wasn't the reason for the tears. The tears were borne of pure frustration and a little fear of my impending 26th birthday. I mean 26 people!! 25 = charming mid-twenties. But some might call 26 heading to your late twenties. EEK. Any I wailed to the band that the only thing likely to save me now was a stiff G&T which he faithfully produced to mud-caked me out Bohemia. (Yes, the venue of the infamous Stellenbosch police raids - I like to live on the edge - even in my old age).

Anyway, following the Worst Night Ever, I awoke on my birthday to the Best Day Ever. Really!! The band brought me croissants and coffee in bed and then presented all my millions of presents one by one. There were some from his and my family and plenty from him. They included about 5 pairs of earrings which he had made me. A collection of Roald Dahl short stories to inspire me to write my book. A few cheques. And a curious number of scarfs. (scarves?)

Then I got to work and got spoilt some more. Everyone loved the lopsided cake - i had scraped off all the burnt bits - or at least they did a convincing portrayal of people who loved the cake.

I only had to work 1/2 day on my bday so then I went home to prepare for my party that night in Cape Town.


Me and my cuzziiiiiiin


Tamara said...

So glad you had a super day. I believe in B-days big time. I am still educating my own band on this fact. He appears to be a slow learner. But I live in hope (and hint early. Which reminds me... my birthday's in August. I better get started).

Carolyn said...

great plan... only 3 months to go after all!! Altho men will tell you that subtle hints don't work, strong hints don't work, a numbered list of instructions and deadlines may be your best bet!! :)

Tamara said...

Yes, this is where I enlist the help of my mother and friends, arming THEM with the lists and making sure they take him shopping. I prefer the term 'helpful' to manipulative :)

sweets said...

so glad it was a good day!!
good grief PLEASE go buy cakes and stuff at the nearest Tuisnywerheid, really those tannies know what they're doing ;)
my hat off to you... you actually baked???!!!

i so love birthdays!!! just a pity everybody always forgets mine, sniff... it's the 29th of december, wonderful day to have a birthday~ everybody's at the beach :))

Blue Sunflower said...

Happy Birthday to you. May the rest of your day be just as special....


Caz said...

T: I like your work. great plan. i consider myself extremely 'helpful'

Sweets: ah man that sucks! shame! I will be sure never to get knocked up in march. you december kids get a raw deal!

BS: thanks lady. Actually it was like a week ago but as i always say "there is absolutely no limit to how long i can draw out the birthday attention and gifts!!"