Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are you loooooonesome toniiiiiight

So the band is away for a few days. And it is POURING with rain here in the Cape. I have resigned myself to the fact that a spider encounter in his absence is practically inevitable. Wish me luck people. I'm working on my bravery!

My laundry / dressing room and my kitchen are flooding nicely. There is no exaggeration here... they really are. As we speak.

It seems our thatch needs replacing, you see. So in a couple of weeks we will be moving out while they give us an entire new roof. I have chosen to be positive about this... new thatch SURELY means less spiders. Right?

Anyway, quite cool - we've been making these new ads for this huge campaign that I've been working my bum off on. Look out for them on tv in June and in the mags from now... be the hero is the strapline.

sorry so blegh, not much to say!


sweets said...

so THAT'S why you have so many spiders!!!!!

Tamara said...

Now I've got that Elvis song in my head.

Someone who commiserates with your loathing of bugs...

And another...

Sorry... haven't figured out how to do the linking thing.