Friday, June 23, 2006

Sick and sordid plots

On the topic of reverse psychology and jinxing.....

I just need a mini-vent quickly.

Have you ever noticed that on those riddle emails (that people insist on sending at like 4.45 knowing that you can't possibly leave until you've solved it) they always make sure that you know full well, before you even attempt the riddle, that if you are smart you would crack it in less than 3 minutes.

Why! Why must they do that? No, they can't just give you the riddle and BELOW the riddle, after you've had a chance to solve it, mention the fact.

Instead, they have to scare you witless: If you DON'T get this in 3 minutes you are stoopid. Naturally that strikes terror into the heart of any self respecting person PARTICULARLY one who is already trying to overcome the gnawing terror of DMWness and the inevitable bulge!

By definition someone who is scared witless is temporarily robbed of their intelligence and hence will OBVIOUSLY take longer than the allocated 3 minutes to solve the aforementioned offending riddle.

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