Monday, June 26, 2006

Myth busters! (part 1)

In my 4 brief months of marriage I have discovered that the instant you are married, certain assumptions are attached to you and the hub.

The one I want to discuss today is that married people are wealthy. I have to say that I get a true kick out of this one. Suddenly you are eligible for all kinds of things. Most notably credit purchases and loans. (the sharks!!)

I went in to find out about homeloans the other day and was all prepared with our salary slips etc etc. The guy positively oozed. "You guys are so fortunate!" "Very few people earn what you earn at your age" "Renting is money down the drain" "I can pretty much guarantee your homeloan right now with that kind of income" and on and on.

When I told my man the amount the guy had guaranteed he was as shocked as I was. Maybe we are actually quite wealthy! Perhaps we are in the fortunate part of the population that are more than merely comfortable. Heck, the guy as good as said WE'RE RICH! The world is our oyster! There's no mountain to high! No valley to low (etc etc).

Well a couple of cloud walking days later I received the formal faxed statement of our homeloan eligibility. It began as follows..."I must start with an apology, when I read your salary slip I thought it was monthly income. I now realise it was annual income".


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