Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 01* → Something you hate about yourself

*I'm busy with a 30 day meme. Read more about it here.

Ok, I know that it's a bit of a trend to hate this or that about oneself - especially as a woman - but I don't hate a part of myself nor do I hate the sum of the collective parts (ok, fine, I just wanted to say "sum of the collected parts" - I'm cool like that!)I think that what immediately comes to mind under such a title is physical attributes. Am I supposed to list all my physical flaws here? Or does it refer to something deeper - lifelong regrets, personality uglies.

No, I can't say that I'm kept up at night dreaming of plastic surgery or bashing my head on the wall for stupid things said and done. But of course I can recognise where there is room for improvement and of course I have regrets.

So now that I've toned down the topic to "Places where there is room for improvement in you" I'll try address the topic.

On the shallow side I'm obviously carrying the weight of two pregnancies in quick succession and the changed body shape as a result. There are angry little lines where there never were before. I suddenly have chunky arms, a mean little caesar scar and so on. I'm working on improving what I can though - I meet with my personal torturer, er, I mean trainer thrice a week and hopefully that which can be improved will be. The scars and marks I mind less so. They are reminders. Badges of grief and badges of honour. Being able to carry a child must certainly be one of our greatest gifts and privileges and these marks are reminders of that - I'm grateful for them. Ha! Just reread that last sentence. Dam I'm cheesy. But it is true!

In terms of personality improvements... well I need to learn to think before I speak and to consider the feelings of others. I can say that it is pretty much never my express intention to hurt people, but I can do this inadvertantly (if not hurt them, then make them feel silly) by joking or teasing with the best intentions but without considering that people have different levels of tolerance, of sensitivity and simply that everyone is going through their own battles and we will never know someone's context completely. And so I want to learn to consider others in all that I say, but not to become paralysed by that - I like teasing people and joking with them (in a respectful way) because (done right) it brings people out of their shell, it pulls a few laughs and in a way it makes people feel special.

I'm told by The Band that I'm not good at apologising. I'm not sure if I agree with that actually... I think I'm good at apologising for the bigger things, but for smaller things, not so much. A hypothetical example (in reality we gave up refilling the fridge water months ago):

Me: SHMOO! You didn't fill up the fridge water again!
Him: Actually you were the last one to use it...
Me: No I wasn't...
Him: Yes - remember you had a glass with breakfast?
Me: Oh.... mumble mumble mumble
Him: (haughty tone) I accept your apology!
Me: (stubborn tone) I didn't apologise (sulks).

Where do you see room for improvement in your life?


Mel said...

Hey, I am needing to get hold of you to discuss something re BB. What is your e-mail address? Mine is doulamel@gmail.com or else # 0829239038.
Drop me a mail so I can reply and we can hopefully meet up soon.

Bruce said...

I like this 30 day meme concept. I think I am going to give it a go as well, but I am going to start on November 1 and run it for the month, that way I can stock up on a few before it starts.

As for appology, I suppose I am the same as you, but with me it is more about saying 'thank you' to people, who expect to be priased for every little thing they do for you. Needy little buggers.

Angel said...

I like how you expanded on the subject.

Tamara said...

Room for improvement in me... Shew! I guess sorting out my low tolerance and temoer would go a long way in fixing all the rest.

And then I'm the opposite to you - I am so super sensitive that I spend forever wondering if I've offended someone by something I've said and I take offence at things that I probably shouldn't be bothered about.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about not thinking before you speak. It's gotten me into such trouble already, even though it was with friends who should know that I didn't mean them any harm.

Also, on the weight bit....I never realised how much pregnancy can mess up your body. I hope you reach your goal weight soon. I've come to a point where I can almost make peace with the fact that I'll never be 18 again :/