Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celebrating Sophia

The Band and I spent Sophia's birthday weekend in Hermanus which was great. We went out for a quiet dinner and each got to spend some time alone by the sea. That evening we opened a special bottle of wine which we'd bought in Plett just days before Everything Happened. When we bought it back then we had planned to celebrate her birth with it. It was a quiet, peaceful time away, but the contrast to what a 1 year old's birthday should have been were glaring.

On the Sunday we invited local family and one or two close friends around and had birthday cake and champagne. I think this will become an annual tradition.

I guess one may have expected a princess cake or something, but this is what I felt would have epitomised Sophia.

In my mind's eye she's being pushed on a tree swing or she's playing in a tree house. She's adventurous and playful and laughs a lot. She loves being outdoors. And so the tree.

It was a good time. Good to have people speak of her. If only a little bit and even if rather awkwardly. Her name was spoken and that meant something.


Kristen said...

I'm glad you and the Band got to spend some time together and also alone, and then add in the family and friends. Beautiful cake... much love to you and your family

Gina said...

(((HUGS))) She was there with you... I have no doubt!

MeganTS said...


and gorgeous cake!

Ruby said...


Angel said...

I think its wonderful that you got to have some time away, and the cake is so pretty!

Sharon said...

What a lovely tribute. I pray that in the years to come this will become a true celebration of her life and you will be able to smile and be happy for having had her - even if it was for the shortest of times.