Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scared of snakes?

...well actually you have every reason to be!
(oh, I'm sorry - you were hoping for some reassuring statistics about how you're more likely to die from having a coconut land on your head? Sure.. If you live in the middle of a coconut palm forest in central mozambique, but if it's SA you live in... well let's allow my photos to tell the story, shall we?)
When I went up to Ngala (borders Kruger National Park) in Feb this was one of the insane sightings... a bluddy 3m python hugging an impala to infinity and beyond.
I guess now's about the time to put in the little disclaimer of *NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS*

In this one you can see the python's head as it goes over the rump of the impala. The head must have been at least 15cm long. FREAKY BLUDDY DEEKY!

BTW thanks to Ches for inspiring this post :)


Ches said...

That's awesome to see Caz. As gross as it may seem, pythons in general are very lucky to see, let alone hunting impala.

Ngala is awesome. Had a few mates who worked there, very cool spot.

You weren't lucky enough to see a female leopard they call the 'Clara Female' were you?

Caz said...

Ya - it was disturbingly cool, except that I've done walking safaris at Ngala before which freaks me out a little!!

After a lifetime of never seeing a leopard, I was indeed lucky enough to see the Clara Female... my very first leopard. We followed her for about 20 mins and she walked right past us a few times. Beautiful!
A pic follows in the next post...

BTW who d'you know at Ngala..not Mark, hey?