Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 things I learnt this weekend

So lacking all originality, I have decided to plagiarise Being Brazen's post idea(thanks lady)
So here they are:

1. I learnt that if you tell Discovery you're knocked up you get all kinds of free stuff (score!)
2. I learnt that there is no limit to how much time I can spend sleeping in and napping. Getting into actual clothes is entirely optional.
3. I learnt that if you show a bit of interest at the Clinique counter they give you freebies.
4. I learnt that if you tell the Clinique lady that you currently use Woolies face products she will laugh at you. (imagine how much more she would have laughed if I told the truth: Water and a face cloth followed by a bit of cheapo moisturiser)
5. I learnt that I too enjoy The Big Bang Theory, but that Sheldon makes me frustrated to the point of actual anger
6. I learnt that my days of sleeping on my stomach are numbered... in the negatives.
7. I learnt that Mark Boucher lives in a really nice place in Constantia and that next time I should take my costume.
8. I learnt that easter eggs for breakfast works out just fine.
9. I learnt that when I'm hoping for leftovers for lunch the next day I should not invite my friends over for dinner.
10. I learnt that I have lost my tolerance for heat and summer must frikken duck now!


Being Brazen said...

BWHAHAHAHA - loved your list (thanks for copying)...I think its funny that Shelden frustrates you. I like him - but I believe he may actually be a robot :)

Easter eggs for breakfast is awesome .

Miss T said...

Lass I'm CRAVING summer!!!

Slyde said...

i tell people im knocked up all the time... no one beleives me!

Gill said...

Popping in to catch up. Wow! So much has been going on in your life lately!! I'm a bad blogger for a few weeks and all kinds of stuff happens, that'll teach me!