Sunday, April 19, 2009

Men losing their minds

So there's no denying that the gestating female loses her mind just a bit. There are plenty of stories of women having car accidents only when they're preggers and in general forgetting their name. So far from my fecund self, I have gotten my (ANCIENT) pin code wrong enough times to warrant having my bank card swallowed and needing to replace it. The more horrific evidence of the porridge that is my brain was that a cousin smsd me on a monday to tell me there was A PARCEL for me at the post box and I only remembered the following Sunday. I have never, in my life, ever, forgotten about A Parcel At The Post Office For Me. I mean that's practically the most exciting thing ever, no? But I clean forgot all about it.

Anyway, has anyone heard of this happening to the father of the Unborn One? Coz the Band has definitely lost it. He has lost the keys 4 times in since yesterday. As I write this he is trying to break into his own car (no spare - yes, yes) because therein lies his laptop and I don't need to tell you how prone to the bluddy impacts of crime the two of us are!! So I think he's got pregnancy brain himself. What else could it be. Speaking of these matters click here to find out what very exciting thing happened today!

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