Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour be%^&

Hi guys and girls. ok I know that I always have excuses for being such a inconsistent blogger but come on. I am in charge for media at WWF - if you didn't read, see or hear about Earth Hour in the last month then you can be upset with me, but if you did, THAT's why i haven't been around. It was a monstrous bloody effort and I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Altho EH wasn't about saving electricity, I am pleased to say that Eskom reckons there was a 15% saving for that hour - the equivalent of 4.7 million lights being turned off and 400 000 Megatonnes of CO2 saved. Not shabby at all. That being said.. if i never hear the words "earth hour" again it will be too soon. ON A VERY HAPPY NOTE... guess what?? I WON THE COMPETITION!!! WOOHOOO. With 950 sign ups I killed it - second place was 350. YAY!!! and thanks to those of you who took the time to sign up. you rock and I will think of you in gratitude during my week at the Beacon Isle!! (valued at R14K! nice!) Last week, aside from Earth Hour and all the chaos that involved at work, we were burgled again. Bastards (and this time they left a hell of a mess) and my cousin died of an overdose! didn't even know he had a drug problem. So relieved my gran didn't live to know about it. It would have broken her heart. So anyway, a hectic week in every way and I'm glad it's over.


Miss T said...

enjoy the beacon lass!

Tamara said...

Wow! you have A LOT going on.

Enjoy the break at Beacon Isle. And be sure you go along to one of their entertainment thingeys with the local singer. He's funny. And he loves to take requests. Of really old music, of course ;-)