Monday, March 09, 2009

Check out the pic

Hey guys.... click here to see the scan pic. ah cute.

So... I have an AWKWARD thing going on in 15 mins... That person who was making my life miserable who is not my spouse? I have a meeting about that situation with another person. EEP. Not going to be pleasant!!


Ruby said...

Saw the pic...too cute:)
Oh dear....i really really hope everything goes well and that it all gets sorted out!!!!

po said...

Crappy, I hope it went ok Caz?

henno said...

I believe a congrats is in order, Caz! Tell Stef I say well done and I'll post him a cigar 6 months from now:)

You sorta let the cat outta the bag on FB a bit earlier tho, cryptic clues and all...It's weird, must be something in the water - but my sis just announced she's expecting 2 months ago, then last week my brother and his partner. It's bloody babymania! Maybe I should give it a go?!

Nice scan by the way, it looks like erm well a baby with a big head lying in a hammock (which is a good thing).