Tuesday, March 31, 2009

confessions of a former UB

so thanks to this post a disturbing and once deeply suppressed memory has resurfaced.

Promise you won't beat me up or pull my bra strap?

The memory is this:
I used to sleep in a headbrace as a teen. Yup. Ala Ugly Betty herself.

In some freakish way now that at least 10 years have passed I feel quite proud of the fact. Like I'm a survivor or something.

A similar emotion was evoked (invoked?) when I was cruising through delhi week before last all on my own being swindled by auto-rickshaw drivers and being petted by beggars. an odd sort of high, but a high nevertheless, tho it probably had more to do with the fact that in India I was actually semi-wealthy. Yup - somewhere that our currency is actually worth a bit! Unfortunately everyone who sees you (all billion and something of the population) seem to be well aware of this..

on a happy note 6 years ago today The Band and I finally got together (after the obligatory prolonged period of fighting like cat and dog, flirting insanely and fighting some more).

We were on a 5 day hiking trail along the Wild Coast. It was the middle of the night. He didn't say a word. Just came over and woke me and kissed me.
HOT people. Very hot!


Ches said...

Ha ha...I had headgear as a kid! Now I have pretty teeth. Hell yes! Or is a headbrace different to headgear?

Being Brazen said...

Thats a cool story about your band waking you up to kiss ya - very hot indeed.

Ps - the R350 coat comes from a little store in the kloof lifestyle centre :)

Caz said...

yup - headgear is the same thing. I reckon the legends of today were the headgear wearers of yesteryear :)

BB: dang i'm jealous. Possibly going to durbs in april... if i do i'll have to get details coz that is a seriously insane deal!

henno said...

You are SO lucky you didn't tell me you wore a headbrace when we were studying together...So.

Caz said...

haha it built character, ok??
and you must concede, i do have delightful teeth now!

po said...

Awesome story.

Well, not the headgear, but the hot kiss...

Miss T said...

OH NO!...sorry for the reminder lass :(