Friday, July 04, 2008

Why is it that...

People are so doff?

So I may have mentioned that since my boss left I am doing her job and mine.... Stressed is the mild, shy, dorky, diminuitive cousin to what I am. Anyway, most people are savvy enough to know this, or at least ONE WOULD THINK SO! But nope, suddenly people are asking me to do the most inane things for them. It's RIDICULOUS.

Let me expand the situation for you:
My job is currently looking after marketing and communication for one of the biggest brands in the country, which includes keeping 2 LARGE websites up to date, writing 2 'work' blogs, compiling an entire annual review (a month's worth of work on its own), compiling a newsletter, putting together a campaign with Cape Town schools, organising the calendar which we want to sell, managing the creation of a cell phone based carbon calculator, writing press releases, organising press launches, managing our participation in a number of expos and events, etc. (and that's just the average week)

I am eating, sleeping and nightmaring WORK. It's bad. I love the stuff I do, but I'm only one little me, you know?

ANYWAY, amidst all this, whilst my hair steadily goes from rich chocolate brown to dull ashy grey and bald spots appear (well probably) I get requests like this:

From the JHB office:

  • "A bunch of new staff have started at the Stellenbosch office, maybe you can go around taking photos of them and write a little something about each of them so we know who they are and what they look like. " (WOW! So THAT'S what I spent 7 years studying for!!! I delegated this one to our receptionist to do when she has a moment)
  • "I DESPERATELY need my letter that I send out to corporates updated. PLEASE can you help me URGENTLY" (NO! It is YOUR job. YOU write it and I will proof read it for you.)
From my colleague here:
  • "We URGENTLY need to write a thank you letter to xxxx shop to thank them for providing our snacks for staff socials. Please put something together. There names are XX and XX and keep it casual and upbeat." (Well, sure, after all I do sit around picking my nose all day.... Um... let's just think about it... NO!!! I'm not your little flippen PADAWON. Do it yourself. It is YOUR relationship to manage, not mine. I will proof read stuff and that is it.)
SERIOUSLY have these people no frikken idea whatsoever?? Even our most senior staff compile their own thank you letters. CRIKEY MAN STOP BEING SO BLUDDY LAZY!! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!

Anyway, that is my vent for the day. Thank you for enduring it.


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

lol. haha. it's always funny reading about other ppl's stress. because then i know i'm not the only one!

thesis due in 14 days. fuckfuckityfuckfuckfuck. fuck.

Caz said...

The day b4 i handed in i worked from 8 til 2am on it. solid.
Edits take longer than you expect so stock up on the caffeine. GOOD LUCK LADY, it's SO worth it when you done.

cher said...

I can soo relate to this! My biggest stress at work at the moment?! Where to start ...well theres having a gazillion people to pay with negative money in the account. My right hand woman is going on honeymoon for three weeks (she helps my out alot!). The rest of the staff can't seem to remember to fill out delivery notes when sending stock items all over the country so are basically handing them out for free! And my boss (bless his cotton socks!) can't help consulting me 300 hundred times a day on some very arbitary things (think Hugh Grant in 2 weeks notice). So my friend you have much sympathy from this side!

Glugster said...

It is a wellknown fact that my pet hate is Stupid People. They should wear signs.

Caz said...

They REALLY REALLY should. Or at least their emails should automatically be sorted as spam by the server!

Tamara said...

Eish. I hear you, lady. There's nothing worse than being taken for granted and treated like everyone's PA. Hope things look up soon.