Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boxing again

As in placing all my possessions into boxes. Yup this is the 3rd move in as many months. SERIOUSLY!! We moved next door so they could rethatch our place (the band was away) then 3 weeks later we moved back home (the band was away) and now we are moving to the new place... THE BAND IS HERE AND I AM AT WORK AND HE WILL DO MOST OF THE WORK! phew!
It's a good thing, really it is, moving makes me preeeetty grumpy!!

Anyway, blah blah blah.

So I am quite relieved that the time has now come... the arachnophobia is now a full blown paralysing fear spurred on my the most horrendous nightmares. I won't share them with you coz:
A) I don't want you all to become as lame and chicken as me; and
B) When I retell them I start crying!!!! (not very cool when you're in conservation!!)

Anywho. Some random thoughts for today:

  • ready mixes for cakes and brownies are way underrated
  • I am going to have a new boss soon and I understand approximately 5% of what he says - and I have to communicate it to the public!
  • the move has made me discover a couple of things I forgot about like a really nice top (wearing it today) and some gorgeous vases. Stoked
  • nevertheless, my favourite possession is my GHD - no contest
  • woolies white hot chocolate is the business!
That's about it :)


Glugster said...

Moving sucks big time.

Good luck!

sweets said...

i'm moving the end of the month...
i don't know why i'm doing it to myself! you know how much my move will cost me?????? R2000 *crying buckets*

Caz said...

it sucks so much sweets. A word of advice: don't start tooo early. It's best to do it fast - like a plaster. At the moment we are living in boxes (for weeks now) and it is making me super grumpy!!!