Monday, March 12, 2007

sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss HOT!!!

So Thursday night was the big Cliff Richard concert.

The band took the ladies through to Cape Town in the afternoon and soon after he had dropped them off I got a frantic and only mildly sheepish call from them saying they had forgotten the tickets in Stellenbosch (about a 40min drive).


Anyway, got that sorted and the ladies managed to get in and get decent seats.

Somewhere along the line I got a call from my mom. In the background I heard the cliff saying:
"You know, a journalist has said that I'm not cool..... well that's because I'M HOT!!"

WOW. That's all i can say.

By the end of the weekend full of two aging teenager types gushing about Cliff this and Cliff that I was just about ready to jump off a cliff!


loesil said...

Is it possible to overfeed the panda? Just gave it like 4 shoots. I think my Tamagotchi died because of malnutrition (could've been either over- or under fed...dont remember the specs anymore).

Edyta said...

LOL. HOT indeed.
U always crack me up! This place is filled with positive energy. That makes it sssssss flamingly hot :D

henno said...

Hey my mom, according to my dad, through her undergarments at Sir Cliff when he last visited when she was a teenager (in the stone age). Don't believe everything the old folks tell you....

Caz said...

Loesil... you have to be pretty special to kill a virtual pet!!!

Edyta - thanks chick! And thanks for the visits :)

Henno the menno - I threatened to make them walk home if any undergarments had gone astray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!