Monday, August 21, 2006

Bill Gates...the antichrist?

So what I didn't mention was that what my GP termed a virus (broadly speaking, of course), may have been contracted to or from my PC. Bluddy PCs and GPs all need a smack. Ya, last week was not a pleasant one. Both me and my computer were very ill (sorry, nikki, I know: "my computer and I"). My boss spent more than an hour on a call to Mumbai (yes, that's Mumbai in India) trying to fix the Beagle virus which was savagely attacking my computer. I got the distinct impression I wasn't too popular! My convulsive coughing was probably about as endearing as my computer virus spreading to all that work with me!

Anyway, I am convinced that I contracted my illness from my computer. It makes sense... after all I spend more time with it than anything else. And hence I blame Bill Gates for my ensuing cold (Which naturally lead to me putting my back out...HOW OLD AM I??? But yes, I coughed and spluttered enough that I pulled a back muscle and was chair ridden all weekend with the poor (hus)band having to wait on me hand and foot. (I hated every moment of it...)

A while ago I got a follow up call from Microsoft. The guy was paaaaaaainful. To start with he called at like 17.15. Who does that?! You've juuuust left the office, trying to put work behind you and you get a call from some bored and boring guy with a nasal voice and a sniff. Then he went through these questions; each a slight rephrasing of the previous one. "What was your impression of our service on the whole - on a scale of one to ten? What did you think of our customer service? Were you happy with the overall resolution of your enquiry?" and on and on and on for like 15 minutes. And with anything I said he would just say "ah ha"(sniff sniff) and go on to the next thing. Eventually he asked my impression of Microsoft on the whole and I answered "well mostly I have a positive impression of the company, unless Bill Gates is, in fact, the antichrist in which case I'd have to say that I have a somewhat negative impression of the company" "Ah ha"(sniff sniff) was his reply.


alet said...

You are such a freak :)
I can't think of anyone else who would actually think of something like that!!!!

alet said...

What happened to your blog...did it catch a cold/virus/did bill gates send a worm to eat it!

loesil said...

Are you sure the Microsoft guy isn't Gawie Bothma's yet-to-be-famous cousin? All that sniffing sounds a bit suspicious to me!

(Looking forward to the posting you will soon dedicate to me...)

Caz said...
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Caz said...

hehe. Maybe he's related to amoraal... all that PC know how!