Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So all the scans and ecg etc came back clear. No cancer, some small evidence of a stroke in the past but possibly not recently. That's good news. But they didn't admit her to hospital and that worries me.

My mom is stubborn and energetic. She is talking about going to a 3 hour course tonight and going back to work tomorrow!!
Also this morning her fingers were suddenly swollen and she couldn't get her rings off. She was having a sleep last time I checked which is also unlike her.

Anyway, my aunt's children have bought her a ticket and she will be arriving there tonight. I'm relieved. I think my dad is of the school of not wanting to overreact and simply taking the doctor at his word. I'm not. I used to be... but no more. I interrogate and research and double check and follow up. Annoying? Perhaps. But who cares. Rather safe than sorry any day of the week. My aunt and I have chatted and feel the same way about things so it will be good if she's there putting her foot down.

I wish I was going too.


po said...

Caz my heart goes out to you.

B said...

How scary. I would want to go too.

Thinking of you.

Caz said...

thanks ladies x

Lynette said...

I also tend to go to Dr Google...probably not a good thing but it prepared me for bad news in the past.

I will continue to pray for your mom and that things will become clear in the coming days.

Angel said...

I do the same as you do Caz, I took too long to learn that doctors don't necessarily know everything.
Strength and prayers.

Tamara said...

Praying for you, your mom and your family.

I'm with you and your aunt. Glad she can be there with your mom.

Sharon said...

I will keep her in my prayers

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