Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 15* → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

* what?

This one is easy peezy lemon squeezy because I'm currently trying to live without it:

My phone.

I have been the very happy owner (friend? adorer?) of an iPhone for about a year. So very very much more than a phone. It is (was - sob - more on that later):
* my camera and my photo album - filled with pics of my pregnancy and captured memories of Tandia
* my iPod
* my 24/7 access to social networking - Facebook & Twitter in particular
* my record of what side and when last I breastfed
* my gaming portal for those boring times of breastfeeding somewhere in a room while everyone else socialises
* my chat interface (via WhatsApp) with plenty of friends and family
* my GPS
* my exercise training programme
* my recipe book
and so very much more.

And then alas. On Wednesday, getting back from gym holding gym towel and phone, a dog jumped up to yank my towel from my hand and the phone went flying and smashed on the paving.


But it looked fine. No cracks or anything. Alas, there was some internal bleeding - the LCD screen to be precise. Overs cadovers.

Wednesday was a long and torturous day - I kept the phone on as I could still receive calls, but the message tone kept beeping and I couldn't read the messages and it gave me a burning feeling in my stomach. (I later discovered that much of that was TheBand sending me random SMSes and WhatsApps to mess with me - ah yes, this is love).

Thursday I was loaned a Nokia. Never have I hated a phone quite so much.
The boredom. The annoying pain of trying to compose an SMS. The complete lack of logic - it took TheBand and I an age to find the photos on the phone and even then we had to ask someone how. This phone leaves us feeling like our parents in the face of baffling, overwhelming technology, except that a Nokia can scarcely be called technology. Haha I really am such a snob!! (and all the Nokia owners hissed and resolved to visit this blog never again).

And then.
I know!!

If you are even remotely interested in phones or gadgets of any sort (well not ANY sort) check out - such an accessible awesome site. Besides, they're giving me a phone!!!

too stoked.


Kristen said...

oh I can't wait to get an iPhone!!! My contract expires in December on my current plan and I can't wait to upgrade!

NixGrim said...

Oh you lucky sod!! But actually, I want an iPhone. BB's are nice, very very nice, but their photo quality leaves much to be desired. I'm looking for AT LEAST a 5mpx, and BB just doesn't cut it. I mean, why should a girl have to carry TWO devices around with her? For me, photos are more important than email, and since it does web access just fine, I'm happy.

So I'm hanging in there till the iPhone 4 becomes a bit cheaper, or my contract is up for renewal... sigh! That's a long way off, I know, but till then I'll stick my lovely ever-present SE phone.

But still - a BB is very, very nice. Did I mention that you're a lucky sod??

Gail said...

ohhhh i feel the pain! I am a complete iPhone convert, my life will never be the same again - ever ... true story :)

Joanne said...

I LOVE my iphone I was a complete Nokia fan (cos I am old) but I have been converted. You are sooooo funny!

Angel said...

Oh I feel your pain! When our house was broken in to and they took our BBs, I was stuck with a little Samsung for 3 weeks and I nearly went crazy!