Monday, January 25, 2010

Annoying ex-pats!

I can’t stand ex-pats who leave the country and then consistently moan about SA. Who are they trying to convince????

Case in point is my cousin who has emigrated to New Zealand. Her Facebook status is always some little chirp about how superior her new country is. The latest is this:
“To all Saffas needing to renew your driver's license shame!!!! here in NZ Zip Zap 1/2 hr and finished & Klaar!!!!”

Needless to say, I commented “Only took me 20mins to renew mine”
Hee hee hee

Thanks to Tamara for this link (love it!)


Cam said...

Sad things is, New Zealand is so boring that renewing a drivers license there could make the evening news. ;)

Cam said...

"Tonights Headlines:

Hamish Hamilton renews his drivers license in Taranaki. A sheep gets lost near Whakipupu. The sun shone briefly on the South Island around lunchtime. Full report after the evening moan as to why the All Blacks can't win a World Cup."


Caz said...

hee hee hee love it!!

Shayne said...

Drives me scatty too.

I had a friend that relocated to Oz for the greener pastures it offered (ie men, better pay package) but is now back - men are apparently quite rough, salaries aren't quite as wonderful, property frightfully expensive, and shopping awful.

Wherever you go there will be problems.

Count yr blessings day by day i say!

And (if you are not a law abiding citizen here in sa) you don't have a drivers licence so standing in a queue is the least of your probs!

Happy Mon x

Anonymous said...

funny comments cam. Clever stuff

B said...

I have a friend who moved from SA to the UK but she's always said how great SA is and she's going back soon (her boyfriend lives in SA!) - but she does hope to come back to the UK at some point.

She's orig from Zim though, I don't know if that makes a difference :)

(Thanks for dropping in on my blog too)

Tamara said...

Reminds me of that Steers ad.

Will now attempt to put the clickable link in. Let's hope this works ;-)

Tamara said...

Steers ad

Simply-Mel said...

That Steers ad is a classic - one of the few I unmute when it comes on!

LOL @ Cam; dang true too.

My ears want to friggin bleed listening to people moan while living here or clucking when they have moved abroad about the SA.

Champagne Heathen said...

Here here!! Fkc. It kills me. Especially when you are living WITH those bitter ex-pats & you see how they try to hype up every little arb moment to tell people in SA how incredible their new lives are. Ja there are good sides to here (overseas) But you don't need to HYPE up the Aaaaaarb. And you don't need to machete good old SA that made you who you are, and who still holds many of your loved ones.

On that note, I actually want to do a post on some of the things that PISS ME OFF about this island (Oz). But it is Australia Day. I think I am meant to be drinking beer. So it'll have to be written tomorrow... African style! :P

angel said...

Drives me nuts too. Its as if they're constantly trying to justify why they left.