Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So scarce, I know. Sorry sorry!
Last week was a good week, I:

  • was on the radio twice (fortune and fame, people!) and will be on again tomoro (no I won't say what and when) to discuss the launch of our first of its kind Mobile Carbon Calculator. Been working on this project for aaaages so was cool to get a nice media response to something which i kind of consider to be my baby.
  • worked at the Natural and Organics Fair (a bunch of crazy hippies mostly, but entertaining nonetheless)
  • took my first day of vacational leave this whole year
  • spent that day doing the Crystal Pools hike on the way to Koelbaai. Stunning. Basically you hike up this gorge into the mountains. River flowing furiously. Fynbos blossoming.
  • went to my favourite cuban place
  • started my veggie garden properly - this morning I saw my first seedling emerge - woohoo!

Yesterday I started a new boot camp and also a bit of a detox. Bikini season looms.

My brother left on Sunday. Sucks. Miss him already. ugh. Why must people go to London. Really! :(

AAAANyway, I may be up in Joburg next week. Anyone keen to meet up? Probably tuesday or wednesday evening??


Gill said...

Nice to catch up with what you've been up to.....now that you're on the radio all the time I suppose you won't be blogging much ;-) Sounds like you've been busy!

Tamara said...

It's bloggirls tea on Sat. Will you be around for that? Otherwise I'd love to meet up some other time.

Wish you'd tell us about your radio interviews, C!

Gill said...

Forgot to say, I've tagged you!

ExMi said...

dude. i would love to. seriously.

Miss T said...

nice to see you back :)...Ive been bad myself!

Ches said...

Exmi's been trying to get me out of Sandton for ages now...maybe I should just bite the bullet!

Glugster said...

Why on earth would you want to come to Joburg?!?!?!?!?

Maybe we should have a big party in your honour! (Joburg Style!)

Bruce said...

Moblie Carbon Calculator??? That bares a bit of explaining for the uninitiated.

Holly Hall said...

Thanks for visiting my site Caz.

O and if you handn't checked back at the Bonez site, you did indeed guess the EXACT interpretation of my dream.

I have a game called Potter's Ground on my site. If you would like to get ten points and join the game, just let me know.

Otherwise, I like your site.

Very interesting stuff.

And good work on the carbon calculator!



Mrs. Hall

Ruby said...

*jumping up and down with hand in the air* pick me! pick me!

I'd love to meet up with you while you're here:) oooh noice....being on the radio and all that:)

Caz said...