Monday, October 13, 2008

about frikken time

I am guessing Being Brazen is probably the only one who will share in the excitement of this with me... unless there are some other capies lurking among you?
WELL summer FINALLY decided to make a brief appearance this weekend! I went to the BEACH. I got SUNBURNT to the point of resembling one of those gross red vienna sausages. IT WAS GREAT. Obviously summer disappeared already now, but hey at least we had two days of proper sun at long last!!!

Also, my brother is visiting. YAY!
This is a pic of my gorgeous brother taken while we were doing some mountain biking in the Transkei* last summer. We'll call him Boo. He's currently visiting from the UK. He's lovely, no? Seriously... how is this man still single? It confounds me. Really it does. I adore Boo. He is one of the nicest guys i know and i am loving having him back in SA... even only for a week.

In other news, I am away tonight - this blog comes to you all the way from my hotel room in Caledon**. Feel the love!

Speaking of feeling the love, can you people please click on the little follower button thingie on the right? It took me forever to figure out how to get it there in the first place!! (thanks Tamara and Gill!!!!)

What else to share... emmmmm pfffffft. nope. I got nothing for you! K bye!

* for the foreign ones: The Transkei or Wild Coast is pretty much the most beautiful place on the planet.... I will soon post a story i wrote a while back on hiking the transkei and some pics. It's gorgeous.

** Caledon is a pretty arb dorpie (small town) close to nowhere. It is a very random destination, but hey, hotel = mini shampoos and shower gels and stuff so it's worth it.


po said...

I hung out in the transkei for the first time ever this year, in Coffee bay and other places, it is so magical!

Gill said...

Eish, if I wasn't a happily married 40yo, I would be chasing that brother of yours! My hubby does an annual MTB ride in the Transkei called the Pondo pedal and the photies he brings back are amazing, it's really stunning there. Have fun in Caledon!!

Ruby said... how about giving your brother my contact details then?? he he;)

Tamara said...

Enjoy your time with your Boo! You haven't picked up the award yet. After all that maoning too!

Being Brazen said...

Yippeee - summer....its been so long since i felt some warmthin Cape Town...I think this weekend may be warm again - happy days :)

Sweets said...

ok IMMEDIATELY!!!! rush to your nearest security shop and buy a solid pair of handcuffs... cuff Boo to something solid... I'm on my way!!!!!!


Miss T said...

Hmmm Boo is definately cute. Pity he is in the UK but if he ever feels like a visit to Dublin I'll take him for a guinness :)

Caz said...

LOL I know! It's crazy hey!!

expensivemistakes said...

you look effing retarded in that header photo.



Ruby said...

ok so're gonna give him me contact details right????????

he he:) I love the header pic's awesome!

Bruce said...

Vienna Sasauge....too funny.....(ouch)