Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Rejection people. That's what I'm feeling.

So anyway, we got home Sunday afternoon and our landlord was in our kitchen repairing a shelf or something and he was all weird and stuff to us. He was being all weird and evasive so eventually the band asked him what he was trying to say. More weird evasiveness. So the band said "are you saying you want us to leave?" and yes was the gist of his weird and evasive answer.

EVICTION - it's an uuuurgly thing.

So his reasons are - you guessed it - weird and evasive. He said that he doesn't like our dogs barking at him on his own property. Now you guys know full well that I am not the biggest fan of The Mutts, but come on. If you let yourself into our house while we are not there and without our permission then you can be damn sure they are going to bark at you! That is the only time he really sees them and quite frankly what is he doing at our place anyway? They are doing their job. Ironically I have to walk past the landlord's son's house every day and they have a bluddy sausage dog who yaps and yaps and yaps and yaps all the livelong day and goes for my ankles. A real live stoepkakkertjie that one.

Anyway so we have 2 months to find a place. EISH!!!

Maybe it's time to buy.... we qualify for a teeny bond, but you have to start somewhere... right?? Finding a place to rent with dogs is not easy and I'm so tired of renting. I want my own home. I want to nest, you know?

Anyway, it's very awful - we don't even want to be at our place now coz we feel unwanted and unwelcome.

BUT I am looking on the bright side - even though our place was in the most beautiful setting and had a gorgeous view - the positive side is that:

  • No more thatch = no more dust all over
  • No more thatch = no more gigantic human stalking spiders *shudder*
  • No more awful bathroom (rubber floors and GOLD gilded taps)
  • No more awful ceramic ice cold bath
That's about it :( All the rest was great. Stunning birds, gorgeous flowers to pick, brilliant security, ok, I'll stop now!! But it's basically up to you guys, dear readers, to keep me from getting very down about this in the coming months. We may well have to stay with friends for a while. Homelessness and being a burden on others is gonna suck.


sweets said...

hey i'm moving too! also two months notice... so out on spring day! hehe ALWAYS trying to see the glass half full...

if you can afford it ~ BUY!!! i'm so jealous... the bond i qualify for is ridiculous...

it's not so bad... change is as good as a holiday after all...

ok you feeling better yet evictee?

Tamara said...

More plusses:
No more lousy landlord
No more flooded house
No more paying said lousy-landlord's bond
No more weird and evasive bad feeling-ness between you guys and lousy landlord
The chance to look at buying your own place, which, although it may not be perfect, will be yours, which leads to a whole post full of more plusses, like being able to fix the things that bother you, paint the rooms whatever colour you like etc.

Everything happens for a reason. I was uber bleak when we decided to move to Jozi, but it's meant that I have met amazing people, been close to my family for the first time ever, and found a church that I am totally in love with.


As Sweets says, "ok you feeling better yet evictee?"

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

rubber floors sounds interesting.

are they soft and squishy?