Friday, June 06, 2008

Arthur or Martha

Hallo bloggies!

I've been reeeeally scarce but i have plenty of excuses. Ok fine, since you asked. In the last 3 weeks:

  • my house flooded and stuffed up the wiring so i had to move for them to replace our thatch roof (of course the flooding and resultant moved happened while the band was away - obviously)
  • xenophobia attacks meant our church took in 500 refugees and the band was responsible for coordinating it all... they were there for a weekend before being moved to a camp in strand which the band then co-lead for a week until disaster management were finally ready to step up. (While the guys were in our church building TWO bambinos were born there! Pretty hectic stuff!!!!)
  • my boss left the organisation which means I am doing her work and mine for the next 3 months til they restructure
  • we launched the Be the Hero campaign which I've been working on for 8 months... hopefully you've heard or seen some of our ads. Visit and then come say nice things about it
  • the band is in madagascar and to punish me our evil mutt zebu peed on my bed and my pillow
  • I am in JHB for the launch of the Africa Footprint Report on monday
So I hope that I am now forgiven. :)
VERY excited to be meeting Tamara on Monday.... YAY!
Also VEEERY excited to be going on a Ngala walking safari tomorrow!! YAY!!!!

Ok bye


sweets said...

be the hero is very cool! i checked it out :)

so you're meeting tam!? hmmmm, what did she do that the rest of us didn't?!

hope you have a fab time!

Tamara said...

Sheesh! You've been having a really rough time. Things always, ALWAYS happen when husbands are away. My dad's been in the States over the past week, so my mom had to handle the geyser bursting and messing up the wiring o the house on her own. She decided to install a solar one in its place, which the installation team managed to drop off of the roof onto the patio, shattering the solar panels and smashing a bunch of tiles. They eventually finished on Friday, after having promised to install it on Monday. so Mom was without hot water for five days.

Was SO cool to meet you yesterday. Only wish we'd had a chance to chat properly. Looking forward to our telephonic interview later in the week. I sincerely hope your week improves from here on, and that God grants the band travel mercies.