Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blue in the face

It's reeeeally been one of those days. Anywho, I dashed home at lunch time and attempted to open a tin of tuna. Stupid non-electric tin opener was giving me grief but eventually with a colossal splat(!) the tin opened, at the same time covering my VERY nice black coat with tuna water. SIIIIFFFFF!!!!!!! I quickly half washed that part and rushed back to work. But by the look of my colleague, it still STANK! NASTY.

I am sick. Flu. *cough cough* And WWF is obsessed with meetings. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Unbelievable. The two don't mix well.

Anyway, I keep choking. Sorry if that's gross, but I'm trying to paint a picture here. I keep choking coz I am sick. But when you're in a meeting you hope it will just go away. But of course it doesn't, so around the time that my bulging eyes start watering and my face starts turning blue I have to flee out the room to get water. I must smell and look like a fish out of water. hahahahaha. Sorry. time for my meds.


Edyta said...

awwww, u poor thing caught the flu. damn :S well hope u r going to be fine soon. dont forget to drink ur meds. & DONT (in any way) forget to inform us that u r healthy & shiny!

Edyta said...

r u better now? :S

Edyta said...

wait! u won an award, over at my place :) u soo deserve it :)

Heart Of Darkness said...

I just had some crashfish for dinner, and that's one messy meal... trust me, there isn't one item in my dining room that doesn't smell like dill and crayfish at this moment...

Well, I suppose that's better then having life throwing up on you, huh? :)

Kao said...


I one of the other Edyta's awarded bloggers. I'm dropping by to discover how funy u write!! Well, until now you have REALLY caught my attention.. xD

this is a good blog.. so added to my links... xD

Visit me if you wnat to... xD

see you!