Friday, February 11, 2011

Your turn

5 years ago today I woke up early and walked down to the beach with my bridesmaids. It was The Perfect Day at Nahoon in East London and we had an awesome swim. One of those rare days when the sea is the perfect temperature, the waves aren't lame and are just a little bit scary and you feel like you could stay in forever.

Alas I was dragged out the water because there was much to be done! Hair, make up, The Wedding Dress! what a stunning day all in all. And 5 years married to my best friend have been beautiful. I really can't imagine me minus him. We have grown together, changed together, loved together. We are in sync. We have our own little world. Our own little sense of humour. Our own little random non-sensical songs which we make up and sing (mostly off-key) and they provide the soundtrack to our life.

Hmmm this is turned out mushier than I intended :/

Your turn - any questions about me and The Band (and because of all the confusion last time I'd just like to point out that by Band I mean husBand).

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!


totally cooked said...

I used to read Bridesmaid-to-be and decided in the excitement of being old that you managed a real Band - from a farm - cause you know how loud Band Practice can be. You may or may not have mentioned UB40 at some point too - mind you, to be honest, last week is very blurry too.

favorite meal at home ?

cassey said...

Happy 5 years :) I don't have any questions, because you mention him and your life often enough.

Lotus07 said...

In 20 years you hope to be doing.......what?

B said...

what a lovely post!

and, you've probably talked about this in the past, but i've missed four years or so :) so how did you and the Band meet?

Angel said...

Happy happy anniversary!!
What do you do for date night?