Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saving the planet :)

ok, sure I've been scarce but it's all for a good cause. At the moment we are crazily working on promoting EARTH HOUR! (what is Earth Hour, you ask with wide-eyed intrigue).

Earth Hour
We (WWF) are basically calling on a billion people worldwide to turn off their lights for an hour at 20:30 on 28 March. This unified, symbolic act is aimed at the world leaders who, at the end of this year, meet to decide on a new global climate deal. Needless to say, what they decide is really make or break for the planet. In addition to asking people to turn off their lights, we are also importantly asking them to sign up and pledge to do so. The reason for that is so that we can actually quantify the number of people participating and so make a strong case for action on climate change.

So... dear loyal reader... how do you participate?
Well you sign up through the widget on my blog for one.
Now here's the added thing... we are running a competition internally here at work and the staff member who signs on the most people gets a week's holiday at a hotel in plett with her Band... PEOPLE I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS!!

Can you get people to come to my blog and sign up through my widget? The widget tracks who signs up through me.please please please??? I am clearly not above begging!! :)

please load this widget onto your blogs and encourage all your blogbuddies to do the same. The widget is coded and I will get kudos for the entries. YIPPEEEEEEE

<***iframe scrolling="no" width="162" frameborder="0" src="" marginheight="0" height="332" marginwidth="0"***>

NB: Just remember to delete the 3 stars at the start and end of the code else it won't work :) They are just there so you can view the code as text :)



Being Brazen said...

Cool - earth hour is such a good idea

Slyde said...

wait, you work with the WWF?

Does that mean you could fly off of the top turnbuckle and put me in a sleeper hold?

(yes, i know that its the WWE now... im just being a jerk.. as usual)

Tamara said...

(LOL at Slyde)

your wish is my command. Your widget is up on my blog.

henno said...

hmmm one week in plett...nice, i'll see if i can stick this damn widget somewhere :)