Saturday, December 06, 2008

I've got to get out of this place

So from whence do I blog? From Vilanculos? From Komatipoort perhaps? No? At least from Joburg. Surely! Nope…from my bluddy lounge!

Why... Why am i not well on my way to Mozambique?
why am i still here
instead of here

or more specifically here...
coz here it looks like this:

oooh brace yourselves... it's not a pretty story.
I was just about home yesterday all ready to leave when i got a call from Harry... the guy who lives in our flat.
He got home and couldn't find Zac (the male dog). Zebu (his wife/neice) was going crazy at the wall. Harry looked below the wall into the neightbours place (their property is lower than ours) and saw zac lying there in the sand covered in blood.
He jumped over and fetched him then the neighbours pitched up. It seems Zac had fallen into their garden and their 5 SIFF DOGS had mauled him... remember this post? Same dogs.
So Harry asks them how long ago it happened. They said about an hour. "So why didn't you let us know?" Harry asks.
"Why you getting so agressive?" they reply "maybe next time we'll take him to the vet so he can finish the job off properly."
Ok.... (breath, breath, breath). Those #$%^&*(#$%^&*()#%$^&*() fill in your own decriptives... seriously, what kind of sick sick people would leave a small dog in the sand to bleed to death??? If harry hadn't noticed he was missing that is exactly what could have happened!
We have never even MET these people so it's not like they could have an issue with us! They are obviously just evil awful people who should not be allowed to own dogs.
So we took Zac to the vet and he got a bunch of injections and stitches and stuff. The vet said it was very unusual that the majority of his bites are in the front. (Ha! That's our boy... he faced those 5 mutts head on!)
So today Zac is a lot better. Up and walking around. Chipper - probably stoned from all the medication. We will leave in about 20 minutes, so adios amigos. I will miss you all. My SMS roaming number is +27 82 929 0348.... send me love!
PS. Do you think zac's nightmare was a premonition of the fight??
PSS. What steps do you think we can take against the neighbours on our return?
A lawyer's letter from a mate to scare them - in terms of them threatening our dog?
TP their house?
Invite them to dinner and kill them with kindness?
All suggestions are welcome. I can not bare people who are cruel to animals...


Tamara said...

The poor dog! And your sick, twisted neighbours.

I need time to think of something really dastardly you could do... Will revert ASAP.

Slyde said...

ouch! i hate to see an animal suffer.

im glad it seems hes doing better..

phillygirl said...

Oh My Word, how hideous! I'm glad Zac seems to be doing well now tho. So enjoy your holiday :)

Miss T said...

I can not believe it!! Insane. Poor Zac. Dont take it the lawyer route just yet. Relax, enjoy your holiday and then make a decision on it