Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Living it up

So had a great weekend...
Jacuzzied :)
unpacked a bit more :(
Made butternut fritters :)
And generally chilaxed :)

Busy reading Freakonomics... anyone read it? And while I'm exposing myself for the book nerd that I am anyway, anyone read The Time Traveller's Wife? Flippen amazing book!

But anyway, so TODAY I found out that TOMORROW morning at 6.15 I will be flying to Natal for the rest of the week. Going to "Strategic planning session" in Mkhuze Game Reserve... BRING ON THE BUSH!! Stooooooked!! Been needing to get out the office so it will be GREAT!
Ok you all have to wish me good game viewing experiences... My wishlist is as follows...
I want to see:

  • a leopard. (Not very original, but stiiiiiill haven't seen one in the wild)
  • Pink-throated Twinspot
  • Eastern Nicators
  • Pels Fishing Owls (seen before but still pretty special!)
  • Goliath Heron (ditto)
  • Neergaard's Sunbird
Ok fine, so now you know: I am a book nerd and a bird nerd :)


Tamara said...

Enjoy, lady. I'm very jealous (of your jacuzzi and your game trip)

lotus07 said...

If you spent the week in our house, you could look for the purebred Selkirk Rex Cat, the 25lb Maine Coon Cat, the all black 3 month old kitten, the two 1 month old kittens, the ditzy blond calico cat, or the street smark tabby cat that rules the house.....not to mention the worlds smartest dog. We don't have to travel, we a nature preserve IN our house.

phillygirl said...

I've read them both and thought they were both fabulous, obviously in completely different ways tho ;) Find my thoughts on Time Traveler's Wife here and Freakonomics here.

Am jealous of the jacuzzi-ing and your impending trip to the bush ... even if it's for work :( I have no idea what any of those birds are (yes, my dad would probably roll his bird-watching eyes at me if he knew I was writing that!) But I'll hold thumbs on the leopard ... I've yet to see one in the wild either!!

Ruby said...

*turing green at an alarming rate*


Gill said...

Oooh lucky you! Have fun!

sweets said...

i've heard the time traveller’s wife is excellent, will have to read it then!

I am legend… my son saw it in the movies and even he admitted that it should have a higher age restriction… I’ll have to make a plan and see it too… for some reason I always skip it at the dvd shop.

a bird nerd... wmhahahahahaha Mkhuze is stunning; enjoy all your funny birdies doll :)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i am a bird nerd too - i got Robertson's Birds of Southern Africa for my 10th birthday - to this day i still use that book! love it.

Oh and I am a book nerd too - and have also read Time Traveler's Wife. Fucking amazing, no? I re-read it every few months...

Anonymous said...

I liked The Time Traveler's Wife muchly. ;)

Nothing wrong with being a nerd, but I think the PC term (damn PC brigade...) is 'geek'. Wear your badge with pride, dahling!