Thursday, January 24, 2008


So last night i watched this documentary "The most hated family in America". If you can get hold of it you MUST watch it. It's unbelievable!!!!!

It's all about this church which consists mainly of one (LARGE) family. They believe that they are the only people in the world going to heaven and their whole entire message is that God hates America (nice!).

They even have a website all about it. If I had just seen the website I would have thought it was a joke, but seeing the documentary I am ... (speechless?)

Basically their whole message is that everything bad that happens is a result of God's punishment and they therefore REJOICE in it. For example, if a US soldier dies in Iraq they go picket at his funeral saying how "God hates fags" (they consider anyone who doesn't agree with them 100% to be the equivalent of a homosexual in God's eyes). They say that God is punishing america for her liberal ways. Their one picket sign says "Praise God for 9/11". It's really so sick.

Frighteningly, appallingly, atrociously they call themselves christians, more specifically "baptists".

I'm sure the baptists in America must be cringing over that. Coz I sure as hell am cringing over them calling themselves christians!!! THEY ARE SO FAR OFF. Kind of wonder if they've ever seen the new testament.

There's one part in the documentary where this nearby church has a fire and they rejoice! They picket outside it calling it a "fag church". Their theory being that the fire was God's wrath and therefore the church must be evil. Psychos. Don't know which God they know, but he's not even RELATED to mine!

Anywho, let me not digress. What's truly weird is this: Having never heard of these evil people til last night, I was pretty surprised to stumble upon a news article of them this very day. Click here to read about how they plan to picket at HEATH LEDGER'S memorial because he acted in Brokeback Mountain.

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lotus07 said...

I have heard of this film, but I have never seen it. I sure would like to though.

Just another fine example of why I detest 'organized' religion.

I wrote a long blog about this several years ago called "The Church of the Three Jimmy's". Search my blog for it if you really want to see me vent my wraith at the minions of the all-mighty.