Thursday, September 06, 2007


These are things which suck at present:
* I have flu AGAIN (cough cough cough)
* I have a blister on my ankle from my stoopid leaking hot water bottle and it is feeling sorer than it should... I hope they don't have to amputate
* stupid blogger doesn't allow for bullet points so i have to use these dumb little *s
* I can only breathe through one nostril
* one of our cars was stolen last night
* it was the one i moaned about and called a pile of crap
* it wasn't insured
* i have to sit at home tonight and work on my masters


Nosjunkie said...

Facebook sux!
My blogger buddies dont blog no more so I am dipping my toes in a new pool

oooh alet said...

Hey Caz, do you guys have a new car yet?
Mine was also stolen months ago, but the police phoned met two weeks back to say they found it.
When I got there and read the file I saw they already found it a week after it was stolen (like I said months ago!!) but the police officer was on looooong leave! Can you believe?!?!

When are you gonne be in Jozi again? We must kuier a bit!

Caz said...

Hey lady. just about. Prob getting new one this week. the police suck - that is really unbelievable!
Not in jozi for a while but will def let you know as soon as i am!