Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time to buy me some oil of olay

Ok.. the whole midway through my twenties thing is starting to get to me. Yes, I am halfway to 50. I get it. ha ha, right?

Being 25 is not all it's cracked up to be! On my birthday the teller wouldn't let me draw money. I couldn't understand it. Til later when I figured out that they have changed my account type... farewell practically zero bank charges on my student bank account. Good bye to the good life!!

Today I battled to wind up (yes, wind up) my car window... Is this the first sign of a failing body?? And if so, whose?? Mine or the car's???

I was at the Neelsie over lunch today and the noise gave me an awful headache.

Or maybe it wasn't the noise, but the call I got from the dear old lady trying her damndest to sell me FUNERAL COVER!!!


alet said...

It's not bad...even turning almost 26 is ok...
I miss the animals i could feed on your blog?!?!?!

Caz said...

no more animals. you must now rather enjoy the inspiring and thought provoking QOTD!

ChewTheCud said...

One toe in the grave eh? Life not looking like its going to last forever anymore? You need the lasting dignity plan from Clientèle Life!

Hehe ;P

You're not old - gonna look back on this when you're 30 and you'll know you were'nt.

Caz said...

he he thanks CTC. Dam those bluddy companies... they are so depressing!

alet said...

I assume this is gonna be a stupid question, but what is QOTD?