Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Good Samaritan

So off I was on my way to work. I was dressed quite nicely. Cute little heels. Good hair day (! I know !) And I drove past this eeeensy little blonde lady in these tight tight pants trying to push her Pajero.

I allowed myself a little smirk as I drove by... (that will teach you to be so thin. Aint no way your size 6 gonna move that car!)

The conscience set in about half a k down the road. I wrestled with it. "What good can I do in these heels. I'm sure someone else can help her. Come on!!!!" But the big C won.

I duly turned the car and drove back.

"Do you need some help?" I asked.

*puzzled look* "uh... no, I'm just waiting for a friend. We're going walking".

She had been stretching before.



henno said...

It happens to the best of them...and the worse...and then it happens to Caz. That's what you get for caring.

Cher said...

Shame man Caz! If it's any consolation (spelling?) I once asked this girl if she needed a lift home, she was walking rather briskly and since there were some dark rain clouds out I thought she'd appreciate one. Turns out she was just walking to the end of the block where there was a car waiting for her! :)

Caz said...

My worst was we had a stack of spare food and I was looking to a ... er.... homeless person to give it to. I eventually found one standing outside the spur and graciously offered him the meal. He looked at me oddly, politely declined and went in to dine! BLIND!

Charlie said...

Caz, that was hilarious! However it is the thought that counts and hopefully you'll never see her least it was a good hair day ;)